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Commonly Reprocessed Medical Devices

For a specific listing of devices that can be recovered, please consult your FDA-registered third-party reprocessing company.  However, for a general listing of the devices reprocessed by AMDR’s member-companies, please see below.  You can also verify a reprocessing company’s product offerings through FDA’s Registration & Listing and 510(k) Clearance databases.  We recommend you search the databases under the reprocessing company’s name.

Device Classification Device Type
Cardiovascular Blood Pressure Cuffs/Tourniquet CuffsCardiac Stabilization and Positioning Devices

Diagnostic Electrophysiology (EP) catheters – Steerable and Fixed Curve

Electrophysiology Cables

Femoral Compression Devices (Femstops)

Pulse Oximeter Sensors (Pulse ox)

Sequential Compression Devices (SCD/DVT Sleeves)

Ultrasonic Electrophysiology Catheters

Arthroscopic/Orthopeadic Arthroscopic Burrs, Bits and Blades

External Fixation Components including Carbon Fiber Rods, Clamps and Bolts

General Surgery Balloon Inflation Devices

Infusion Pressure Bags


Scissor Tips

Soft Tissue Ablators

Suture Passers

Laparoscopic Surgery Endoscopic Trocars and Components

Harmonic Scalpels

Laparoscopic Instruments including Babcocks, Dissectors, Graspers and Scissors/Shears – Hot

Opened-But-Unused and Expired Devices Company specific limitations