Gerson Lehrman Group, Reduce hospital infectious waste while reducing hospital operating costs (05/23/10):

…I am basing my summary on my hands-on 32 years experience in the healthcare field involving pioneering the industry now known as the reprocessing industry for the remanufacturing, resterilizing, repackaging, and relabeling of so called “Single-use”‘ medical devices and the “on-site” treatment of infectious waste. Both of these methods are now saving hospitals nationwide hundreds of thusands of dolars annually.Two major hospitals are realizing the cost of disposing of their infectious waste by utilizing the equipment of a major manufacturer located in Tracy,CA. Numerous hospitals are reducing procedure costs by utilizing the services of the leading reprocesing company for so called “single-use” medical devices.”  With the Federal government in a quandry about how to reduce heathcare costs, these methods provide a very ground level basis to build upon without involving all of the red tape of third party providers….