Outpatient Surgery: Reprocessed vs. New Single-Use Devices Blog entries:

I am also an RN (and a human) and I wouldn’t require that new stainless steel instruments be used on me or my loved ones since it’s clear no one could afford healthcare if we did that.

It’s also clear that without looking for ways to reduce costs then fewer patients (am me or my loved ones) won’t receive adequate healthcare. I’m also concerned about the environment and the impact medical waste has on it.

The real question is: “Are reprocessed medical devices safe and effective?” The FDA thinks so which is why they regulate and approve certain devices for reprocessing. If you’re concerned that the FDA is wrong, then we should be concerned that new devices shouldn’t be used on our loved ones since the FDA approves them for use as well.

We’ve been reprocessing for many years and have never had a problem. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and dramatically reduced our medical waste.

I’m glad to be part of making healthcare more affordable (without impacting safety or clinical outcomes) and saving the planet for future generations.