, Report Shows Job Creation Potential via Higher Recycling Rates (09/14/10):

A recent report from Friends of the Earth Europe shows the strong potential for job creation as a result of increased recycling rates in the European Union and United Kingdom. Entitled More Jobs, Less Waste, the report features a decade’s worth of data on recycling rates and growth of employment in the industry in Europe. The European Union currently recycles slightly over 40% of their total waste generated. Estimates suggest that a 70% recycling rate across the EU could potentially create up to 322,000 direct jobs in the recycling industry. This figure reaches more than 560,000 when accounting for the effects these jobs would have on “down and upstream sectors of the supply chain and the wider economy.” The same hypothetical 70% rate in the UK could create a potential of 51,400 jobs.

More Jobs, Less Waste

14 September 2010