EPLab Digest, Ascent Receives Top Honor for Innovative Medical Packaging (10/01/10):

Ascent, in partnership with Perfecseal, Inc., has been honored with a Gold Medal by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) for the GYRUS ACMI device packaging. Given during the 2010 SPE Thermoforming Competition, the award not only recognizes Ascent’s world-class packaging design, it also demonstrates Ascent’s commitment to lower the environmental footprint of healthcare and optimize resources to support quality care….

…The new packaging is 100 percent recyclable, utilizes 20 percent less material than the OEM packaging and minimizes waste generated by hospitals while enhancing aseptic transfer…….Ascent has helped hundreds of hospitals reduce their environmental footprint through reprocessing and remanufacturing medical devices that are marketed in North America as “single use” by the original manufacturer and are often needlessly thrown away. Ascent’s programs divert more than 5.3 million pounds of medical waste from local landfills each year. That’s equivalent to one pound of waste every six seconds.