Medical Devices Business Review

by Alistair Fleming, Senior Consultant, Sagentia

Published March 7, 2011

“The reprocessing and reuse of SUDs is generating divisive debate between device OEMs, approval authorities, hospitals and the reprocessing industry. The range of SUDs that can be and are reprocessed is extensive, ranging from biopsy forceps and catheters to orthodontic braces and laparoscopy scissors. Despite strong views for and against, the combination of environmental concerns and cost pressures on healthcare provision means that OEMs need to be prepared for increasing adoption of reprocessing.

A recent GlobalData industry report[1] supports this view, predicting a seven to 10% annual growth rate over five years. This would take the 2008 global medical device reprocessing market value of $520m (£320m) to just under $1bn (£620m) by 2015.”…