AMDR President Dan Vukelich has been selected as a speaker for the Sterilisation for Medical Devices conference, scheduled for May 23-24 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. The following is an overview from the conference’s website:

The Informa Life Sciences’ annual conference on Sterilisation for Medical Devices brings together leading sterilisation and quality assurance experts from some of the leading industries and Notified Bodies. We pride ourselves on bringing you some of the best speakers in the field with the practical information to make your sterilisation processes highly efficient efficient.

This year, we bring to you practical case studies from some of the leading industries in the field. We also have 2 Notified Bodies giving you advice on understanding and complying with NB requirements and how to satisfy the sterilisationISO standards. We also bring you valuable insight from the Saudi FDA on single use devices and the consequences of reuse.

This conference offers expert speakers, key information on which devices should be sterilised in which way and why, as well as how to be compliant, validationof your sterilisation process and advice on outsourcingsterilisation. Methods covered include ethylene oxide sterilisation, hydrogen peroxide/gas plasma sterilisation and radiation sterilisation. Also explore the importance of bioburden controland take a look at the capability ofemerging markets for sterilisation. 

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