Dan Vukelich, President of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors, is scheduled to speak at the third iteration of CleanMed Europe 2012, the premier international conference on sustainability in the health care industry, being held September 26-28. During the session titled “Waste Management in Healthcare,” Vukelich will be introducing participants to the third-party reprocessing industry, current international regulatory standards for reprocessed devices, with a focus on the current regulatory situation in Europe, and proposed revisions to the regulatory framework for reprocessing expected to be released by the European Commission in 2012.


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About CleanMed Europe

CleanMed Europe is THE European conference on sustainability within the health care sector. The conference addresses the environmental impact of the health care sector on a local, regional, and global level. During 26-28 September 2012 the European version of the conference will be held for the third time in its history. The conference host is Region Skåne and the conference will be held in Malmö, the most continental city of Sweden.

CleanMed Europe offers a wide spectrum of presentations and workshops on today’s most pressing environmental issues, presented by leading international experts and organisations. Founded in 2001 by the non-profit organization Health Care Without Harm, the conference serves as a clearing house for cutting-edge practices related to designing and building greener hospitals, creating healthier food systems and promoting preventive medicine.