Posted May 15, 2012

SterilMed and Stryker Sustainability Solutions, founding members of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR), were recently selected to be founding members for yet another groundbreaking group: Practice Greenhealth’s (PGH) Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Business Leadership Coalition. As part of the overall Greening the Supply Chain™ initiative, this coalition is comprised of 15 leading businesses in the health care sector that have been brought together to provide greater accountability for products and processes – made or purchased – that negatively impact the environment.

…AMDR is proud of both its member-companies for their stewardship to the environment and commends the other 13 members for their commitment to advocate and employ environmentally-friendly business practices. In an effort to continue its role as a flagship organization for environmentally preferable purchasing, AMDR has pledged unanimous support for the Practice Greenhealth Greening the Supply Chain™ Initiative and the work of the EPP Business Leadership Coalition. If you are a business or organization involved in the manufacturing or purchasing of equipment within the health care industry, we highly encourage you to visit the Practice Greenhealth website and join their efforts.

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