Check out the following article from the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) on ways to celebrate International Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) week and say “thanks” to the special CSSD professionals in your life!

From October 14-20, 2012, hospitals will be celebrating International Central Sterile Supply Department Week. It’s a great opportunity to recognize the committed specialists that fill CSS departments and make a difference in patient care throughout the United States.

Appreciation is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “giving gratitude or thankful recognition. “ Now that International Central Sterile Supply Department Week is in full swing, IAHCSMM would like to take a moment to thank every CSSD professional for a job well done!

With your tireless dedication, your healthcare customers can count on clean and sterile instruments being delivered consistently – and on time. With your ongoing due diligence and dependable equipment and process monitoring, surgeries can be performed without delay. And with your unwavering adherence to industry standards, best practices, and policies and procedures, patient safety is never sacrificed. All of this is because of you. IAHCSMM recognizes you as Central to healthcare and essential for quality Service.

IAHCSMM celebrates you and your team for all of your outstanding achievements – not just this week, but each and every day of the year!

May International Central Sterile Supply Department Week bring the appreciation, recognition and respect you so greatly deserve! Here are a few suggestions to say “thanks” to the professionals in your CSS Department:

  • Catered breakfast or lunch
  • Potluck dinners
  • Department tours
  • Ice cream social
  • Displays – bulletin boards with staff pictures and employment history
  • Department “night out”
  • Coffee and doughnuts
  • Personal notes/cards to employees in department
  • Department field trip
  • Certificates, plaques, trophies
  • Imprinted gifts (click on link below for ideas and ordering info)

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