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October 16, 2012

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As we continue to wait for the final regulations from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, several groups are getting creative to find ways to “Shine Light on the Sunshine Act.”  One recent example is a chart that CBI made that gives a detailed overview of the act and implementing regulations.  The chart includes data and references to several recent Sunshine Act surveys we have reported over the past few months. 

One interesting statistic the chart should was current and future manufacturers’ plans for health care spending caps in relation to the proposed Sunshine Act.  These statistics are interesting because the sole purpose of the Sunshine act is to shed light on relationships between physicians and industry.  

  • 9% of companies are unsure about their spending
  • 28% of companies said they have no spending caps
  • 42% of companies expect to me PhRMA guidelines
  • 21% of companies will exceed PhRMA guidelines 

For companies who are currently tracking spending 

  • 9% track only physicians
  • 14% track only prescribers
  • 23% track all licensed healthcare professionals
  • 52% track all healthcare professionals… 

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