Fierce Healthcare

November 7, 2012


James Merlino, chief experience officer at Cleveland Clinic and FierceHealthcare editorial advisory board member, said regardless of whether Obama or Romney had won, its priority was how to provide high-value care.

“It didn’t really matter to us who won. We’re marching toward healthcare reform and the things needed to really transform healthcare in the United States,” Merlino said in an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare.

Merlino noted that when you really boil down the candidates’ healthcare platforms, Republicans and Democrats were aiming for the same thing.

“When you look at the platforms and the issues for both sides, they’re very similar in what needs to be done in the system. I don’t think anyone would disagree that we have an expensive system; we need to take costs out. We have a lot of uninsured patients; we need to make sure we’re delivering care to them. The basic issues are the same…”

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