In the next installment of Practice Greenhealth‘s “Greening the OR” 2012 webinar series, Caryn Humphrey and Gail Greco-Bieri will dive into cost and environmental benefits of reprocessing and remanufacturing programs for single-use medical devices. Scroll down for more information and instructions on registering for this “can’t miss” event: (courtesy of the Practice Greenhealth website)





Greening the OR & the Healthier Hospitals Initiative present: A Healthier Hospital Through Reprocessing and Remanufacturing of Single-Use Medical Devices

Thursday, November 8, 2012

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm — Eastern Standard Time


Reprocessing/remanufacturing programs – when executed effectively – not only produce substantial cost savings for hospitals, but also reduce environmental impact more significantly than most other ‘green’ programs since it requires no up-front capital investment. Hospitals and other medical facilities can leverage their reprocessing programs to demonstrate strong results in creating ‘healthier’ hospitals. This course will allow participants to understand what role reprocessing can play in creating a greener and overall healthier hospital.


  • Describe modern reprocessing safety and quality methods, as well as regulatory oversight mechanisms
  • Review reprocessing benefits and best-practices to understand how reprocessing leads to an overall healthier hospital
  • Examine specific case studies from facilities that have successfully implemented reprocessing programs and have achieved bene
  • Review methods of taking a reprocessing program to the next level


Caryn Humphrey, Project Manager, Stryker Sustainability Solutions
Caryn Humphrey, RN, BSN, MBA, is a Surgical Product Manager at Stryker Sustainability Solutions. Caryn started her nursing practice in a Med/Surg unit, then moved to surgery where she worked in both a hospital OR and an ambulatory surgery center. As a former OR nurse, Caryn is able to provide insight to sales staff on clinical issues as well as education and surgical case support for customers. Caryn provides field representatives with product information and education, consults with Research and Development in bringing products to market, coordinates the launch of new products, and supports field and customer product implementations.

Caryn was the recipient of the Stryker Sustainability Solutions’ Product Manager of the Year award in 2012. Caryn is also a member of AORN, the Business Industry and Consulting Specialty Assembly and the Leadership Specialty Assembly.

Gail Greco-Bieri
Gail Greco-Bieri is a member of the Spectrum Health Surgical services team she serves as a support staff supervisor and educator, for approximately 50 staff, (Procedure Support Technicians, and Anesthesia technicians).    She has worked in the O.R. since 2004. Prior to the O.R. she worked in various roles within the Gastroenterology field beginning in 1980. She has published articles regarding endoscope reprocessing and served on the faculty of SGNA as a trainer for endoscope care and handling. She is enthusiastic and passionate about sustainability and is actively involved within the surgical services department as well as many other areas with green initiatives taking place at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She has presented nationally on “Greening the O.R.” for the AORN, CleanMed,  as well as at the VHA leadership conference.

(Content courtesy of the Practice Greenhealth website)