Jim Sabin, Clinical Professor in the Departments of Population Medicine and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Ethics Programs at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care writes in the Costs of Care blog about responsible Medicare savings.  In it, he highlights the goals of the Costs of Care organization.

I’ve recently joined with a group of young physicians and nurses who embrace the economic and ethical imperative for health professionals to help contain health care costs in a responsible manner. Costs of Care, a 501c3 nonprofit started by medical students and residents is a leading voice in this effort.  Its three goals are exactly on target for what the U.S. health system needs:

  • ADVOCATE: creating a culture where caregivers are responsible for the cost and value of their decisions, take action to avoid waste, and help build the will for change
  • EDUCATE: giving caregivers the knowledge and skills they need to make cost-conscious, high-value decisions with their patients
  • SUPPORT: helping caregivers to deflate medical bills by using information technology and decision-support tools to put cost and quality information at their fingertips at the critical moment when medical decisions are made

Click here to read the full post.  Thanks to Jim Sabin for helping to bring attention to Costs of Care and the mission to focus on cost and value considerations in healthcare.