Stryker Sustainability Solutions, a leading company in the third-party reprocessing industry wants viewers to know the science and technology behind its reprocessing methods.  In order for Stryker to obtain FDA clearance of its reprocessed devices such as surgical and non-invasive instruments, it must demonstrate they are equivalent to original devices in terms of cleanliness, safety and functional performance.  Transparency is a cornerstone in Stryker’s commitment to its customers and it has released a new series of films designed to bring viewers on “virtual tours” of its reprocessing and production facilities:

1. Reprocessing in the OR

Take a tour of Stryker’s Lakeland, Florida production facility and watch used devices  thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned, disassembled, dried, reassembled, performance tested and packaged for return shipment.

2. Reprocessing in the EP/Cath Lab

During this virtual tour, viewers will learn about the rigorous cleaning and testing procedures that every cardiac device undergoes prior to being returned to customers.  Additionally, viewers will learn how Stryker is able to track the life cycle of every device it receives, ensuring that any device that has reached its maximum number of cleared cycles is rejected from the production stream.

3. Reprocessing Non-Invasive Devices

During this video, viewers will witness the thorough cleaning process that every non-invasive device undergoes. Additionally, watch how every individual device is performance tested prior to being packaged and shipped to customers.

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