One Day Event: September 4, 2013 | Tampa, Florida

The 1st annual Greening the OR Symposium celebrates progress and milestones made on the journey to promoting environmentally friendly practices in the operating room and invites new thinking in innovative ideas to overcome our challenges, and concepts that will result in new areas to address to drive further progress.

The OR is the epicenter of today’s hospital, generating about 42% of the hospital’s revenue.  A primary source of hospital admissions, the OR, drives significant costs related to equipment, supplies and personnel, and generates 20-30% of the hospital’s total waste volume.  As the healthcare sector explores ways to become more sustainable, it makes sense to focus on those departments with the highest costs, greatest inefficiencies and/or largest volumes of waste.  The Greening the OR Initiative works to coalesce the body of knowledge around sustainable practices in the OR, substantiate these practices with data and case studies, and develop guidance that can be shared across the sector.  The financial benefits of these programs are significant, with millions of dollars in potential savings.


  • Describe the environmental footprint of the OR and the impact on human health
  • Delineate the business case for a Green OR
  • Frame the benefits of green programs in the OR from a cost, safety, engagement and environmental perspective
  • Use a virtual green OR and case study data to highlight implementation
  • Describe the need for a team approach and delineate potential stakeholders
  • Facilitate group discussion on strategies to initiate these programs.


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