SustainabilityGraphicSometimes referred to as the 3 Eʼs of sustainability, sustainable practices occur at the juxtaposition of environmental impact, social equality, and economic demands.  This means that all three areas must be considered and addressed in order to create a sustainable practice, structure, business, government, policy, etc.

Research shows that for every dollar that businesses invest in such programs, a $3-5 return is generated via reduced costs, increased productivity, and decreased turnover.

Although considering sustainable practices may not show an overnight transformation, in the long run it makes sense (and cents) because you create a situation that has a much higher likelihood of long-term financial success while promoting healthy relationships both socially and environmentally.

If youʼre new to the concept of sustainability, there are many easy ways to put sustainable practices in place in your every day life. For example, recycling, reusing, or repurposing items is a great way to reduce the burden on the environment, is less costly than buying a new item, and can promote social equality via relationships and community building. Some businesses now use one companyʼs waste to create a new product all together.

As we move into the future, itʼs only through the usage of sustainable practices in business, in education, in healthcare and through individual pursuits that weʼll have an opportunity to grow and thrive.

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