September 10, 2014


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The Healthier Hospitals Initiative’s intent is for sector transformation where all hospitals, regardless of size or location, recognize the critical role environmental stewardship plays in achieving the triple aim as set out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)- better care for individuals, better health for populations and reducing per-capita costs. Numerous facilities have been looking at how solutions like Kainexus will be able to help them implement a culture of improvement within healthcare so this initiative is taking this positive action to the next level.

Ninon Lewis of the Institute for Health Care Improvement, which originated the Triple Aim framework and has piloted its development with leading systems and communities around the world, will provide an overview of the Triple Aim. Gary Cohen, Founder and President of Health Care without Harm will connect the Healthier Hospitals Initiative’s framework with the Triple Aim – and how it can play an integral role in healthier environments for patients, staff and communities.

Bring your leadership, quality and community teams and understand how the Healthier Hospitals Initiative can contribute to your facility’s goal in the Triple Aim – Better care for individuals, better health for populations and per capita cost reduction.


  • Niñon Lewis, MS, Director, Triple Aim Initiatives, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Gary Cohen, Co-Founder & President, Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth

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