The Boston Herald reports that dozens of Massachusetts hospitals — including six in just the past month — have signed on to a national initiative to get “healthier” by improving their food options, cutting waste and reducing energy use.

“Often, people think going green is more expensive. What we’ve been able to show is sustainability is a smart business decision,” said Seema Wadhwa, director of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. “Wasting less means saving more.”

“We felt we needed to be part of the solution by providing a healthier environment,” said Vanessa Kortze, spokeswoman for Lawrence General Hospital, which joined the Healthier Hospitals Initiative last week.

The initiative has enrolled about 900 hospitals nationwide, which agree to tackle any of six categories: engaged leadership, healthier food, leaner energy, less waste, safer chemicals and smarter purchasing.

The Massachusetts Hospital Association, which officially became a supporter of the program in February, is working to enroll more hospitals and share best practices with them.

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