Tuesday, June 3

8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

It’s been four years since the formalization of the Greening the OR Initiative, and over 400 facilities have endorsed and implemented the various strategies to green their surgical departments.  During this preconference workshop, attendees will review the importance of environmental sustainability in the operating room, learn of the new data gathered from the first Greening the OR Award, and will discuss establishing a set of metrics and new targets for the operating room.  Attendees will have the option to choose one of three different sessions – one focused on waste minimization strategies with new case studies, one focused on clinician engagement and physician-led efforts, and one focused on energy and water savings strategies in the OR and SPD.  Attendees will have an opportunity for facilitated discussion with all of the workshop’s speakers, and will be asked to collaborate on several strategy-building activities.

Learning Objectives

* Attendees will review the importance of targeting the surgical department in environmental sustainability practices.

*Attendees will discuss waste minimization strategies, water and energy savings strategies, and clinician and physician engagement opportunities in the operating room.

*Attendees will learn about new data gathered from the 2014 Environmental Excellence Awards and discuss how to establish metrics from that information.

*Attendees will participate in a facilitated discussion and group activities identifying new strategies and opportunities around their Greening the OR efforts.


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