A newly released article reveals many of the greatest achievements in environmentally friendly construction in the health industry. The article celebrates the 30 most environmentally friendly hospitals in the world. Each hospital was selected based on criteria including certifications from environmental bodies, recycling efforts, green construction and innovative energy saving features.

Many of the hospitals on the list have been the recipients of prestigious awards. The Bronson Methodist Hospital, for instance, was awarded the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Leadership Circle Award. Meanwhile, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was named Project of the Year in the New Construction category of the US Green Building Council’s National Capital Region Chapter. The University Hospital of South Manchester received the 2012 Ashden Award after its adoption of a new energy efficiency plan succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by 28 percent.

“Power-guzzling hospitals around the world are increasingly going green in an attempt to minimize their carbon footprints. We created this list for budding healthcare administrators to showcase 30 forward-thinking hospitals that are doing their bit to help save the planet.”  The majority of the hospitals on the list have received LEED Gold certification. Most have found unique ways of removing waste efficiently, reducing energy usage or improving air quality.

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