Becker’s ASC Review reports that, sterile reprocessing for single-use devices is becoming more common among healthcare providers, including ambulatory surgery centers. Since the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement supporting sterile reprocessing following their regulatory requirements in 2006, many ASCs around the country have taken advantage of these waste-reduction and cost saving programs.

Two major players in the market include MEDISISS and Stryker Sustainability Solutions, both of which ASD Management uses in its centers. “These companies receive the used devices, reprocess them and repurpose them to a safe, like-new condition,” says Vice President, Business Development at ASD Management Charles Dailey. “There are high quality controls to support their sterility. Then the devices are returned with a very fast turnaround.”

“Reprocessing can generate substantial savings,” says Mr. Dailey. “One of our facilities in Florida saved $38,000 in 2013 just from their reprocessing program. A second reason to consider reprocessing is the environmental contributions. Reprocessing prevents thousands of tons of medical waste nationwide each year.”

“The reprocessing companies guarantee the facilities receive back a device that is just as effective as a new one, but at a lower cost,” says Mr. Dailey. “Some physicians might have pushed back in the old days because negative attention was placed on reprocessing, but today’s technology truly refurbishes the devices and they are as effective and as sterile as they need to be.”

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