The following is just one of many instances where HPN’s current issue highlights the environmental and economically sustainable practice of SUD reprocessing.

John Orsini, CPA, Executive Vice President and CFO, Cadence Health, Winfield, IL
“For Cadence Health, reprocessing [single-use devices] is a win-win. Stryker Sustainability Solutions takes away SUDs for free, and we get to buy back a reprocessed item at a significantly reduced cost. We’re not only saving on the device but we’re also significantly reducing the number of items that are going to a landfill, thereby reducing medical device disposal costs as well.
“Cadence Health expects to save a half a million dollars per year based on our volume and the average reprocessing capability for a system our size. Although this amount might seem small, the more cash we can generate for the system, the more we can invest into the system.”

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