. . . Stryker Sustainability Solutions says it helps reduce 3,400 tons of medical waste per year and saves hospitals $6.5 in supply costs every second. “Infection preventionists should remember that some medical devices, while marketed by original manufacturers as “single-use,” can be reprocessed by a regulated, third-party reprocessor,” says Caryn Humphrey, RN, BSN, MBA, product manager for Stryker Sustainability Solutions. “Reprocessing can extend the life of a device and reduce the amount of waste entering our nation’s landfills. Taking the time to educate staff about which devices can be reprocessed and how to follow proper collection protocols is a crucial step in ensuring that biohazard waste is handled appropriately. Reprocessing also helps hospitals minimize waste and maximize savings. In 2013 alone, Stryker Sustainability Solutions’ customers eliminated approximately 8.9 million pounds of medical waste from landfills.”

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