In order to truly integrate sustainability into hospital operations, effective engagement of front-line leaders is required. Senior leadership endorsement is a necessary prerequisite, but champions who are leaders of front-line staff are critical to educate and engage. At University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, we piloted a sustainability training program for front-line leaders across disciplines at one of our community hospitals in 2013. In this session, leaders from UH Geauga and Ahuja Medical Centers, the hospitals that have offered this sustainability training program to date, will share the story of developing, executing, and evaluating this training program as a case study that should help other hospitals and health systems to consider the development of a similar program for their own managers.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe strategies to integrate sustainability principles with common hospital strategic priorities including wellness, efficiency, safety, and quality
  • Plan development of project-based sustainability training program for front-line hospital leaders

Outline case study of successful sustainability training program development, execution, and evaluation that resulted in integration of sustainability principles in advancing hospital strategic priorities.

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