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SUD Reprocessing

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One of the goals of the Smarter Purchasing Challenge is to increase the purchases of reprocessed SUDs by at least 50 percent over baseline. While the collection of FDA-approved SUDs for reprocessing reduces waste tonnage and disposal costs, it is equally important for hospitals to purchase back the reprocessed devices to maintain the demand, closing the loop.

Since 2010, 379 hospitals saved more than $174 million by purchasing reprocessed single-use devices. Hospitals generally buy back the reprocessed SUDs at 1/2 the original purchase price. Three hundred seventy-nine different hospitals reported data on SUD purchases since 2010. Of the 119 hospitals reporting data in 2014 that have a continuous purchasing series (2010-2014, 2011-2014, 2012-2014 or 2013-2014):  

• Fifty (42 percent) increased purchases compared to the first year in the reporting series.

• Thirty-one (26 percent) reported increasing purchasing of reprocessed devices by more than 50 percent in 2014 relative to the first year in the reporting series.

HHI has been able to quantify $174.4 million in reprocessed SUD expenditure since 2010. While it is fantastic that hospitals are spending such a large sum of money on reprocessed devices, there are numerous roadblocks to implementing an SUD purchasing program, ranging from physician buy-in to leadership support. Practice Greenhealth will continue to work with hospitals, tackling barriers around contracting limits, clinical engagement, and ongoing training and auditing needs.


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