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Practice Greenhealth is the nation’s leading membership organization for companies in health care that have made a commitment to sustainable, environmentally preferable practices. Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the Supply Chain™ Initiative provides a common set of tools for purchasers, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that environmentally preferable products are available, cost competitive, of comparable quality, and generate a sector wide market shift in the direction of sound Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) practices. A critical element of the initiative is the release of the Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products (Version 1.0), which guides the identification, selection and procurement of environmentally preferable medical products.
Solidify your support for Greening the Supply Chain Initiative by signing the EPP Pledge. Your organization can show your commitment to support the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) in contracting for environmentally preferable products, and your interest in purchasing products based on, the environmentally preferable attributes…

By pledging to support, we recognize that a set of nationally recognized environmental criteria are important to health care with a goal to:

  • „Reduce the negative environmental and health impacts of products and services across their lifecycle.
  • Establish a standard for successfully purchasing environmentally preferable products, thereby encouraging other health care purchasers to adopt.
  • Provide a tool for educating staff and others on the environmental priorities in health care.
  • Create safer and healthier environments for patients, healthcare workers and local and global communities.

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