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Lakewood Health System in Staples, Minn.,Goes Green For Its Community.


Source: Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Author: Kendal Gapinski, Associate Editor

It’s no secret that hospitals produce a lot of waste — with the worst offender being the surgery department. For the Lakewood Health System Hospital in Staples, Minn., going green means more than just tossing a few extra bottles in recycling; it’s engrained into everyday life.

“The community plays a big role in our being green, since we’re out in the middle of nowhere in a farming community,” says Audrey Witucki, LPN, CST, an active member of the hospital’s “Go Green” committee. “We don’t want to waste the hot water, we want to minimize the garbage and help preserve the farmland out here. After all, the farmers are our patients.”

This year’s OR Excellence Award Winner for Environmental Stewardship takes the commitment to the planet seriously, by reducing, reusing and recycling wherever it can.

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