By Julie Moyle, MSN

Going green is the right thing to do for the environment, but taking steps to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint can also result in significant returns on eco-friendly investments. Here are 10 ways you can save big by reprocessing, reorganizing, reducing and recycling.

1. Reprocess SUDs
When you outsource the sterile processing of single-use devices (SUD) to government-regulated third-party vendors, you buy back the devices at typically half the original cost. In 2014, hospitals with single-use-device reprocessing programs saved an average of $130,286, with additional savings in lower waste disposal fees, according to Practice Greenhealth’s 2015 Sustainability Benchmark Report ( The University of Washington Hospitals in Seattle diverted 5.8 tons of waste and saved $496,123 in 2008 by reprocessing more than 100 different SUDs.

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