Waste Management

Source: Carmelo Hannity, The Global Dispatch

The disposal of medical waste may seem like pretty straightforward process. Although the regulations of medical waste disposal have changed over the years, the safety and environmental concerns surrounding such waste are clear. Regardless of whether you’re managing a doctor’s office, blood bank or laboratory, medical waste disposal is a crucial component of  keeping your business in practice and following the law.

Unfortunately, some medical practices find themselves in a financial squeeze when it comes to throwing out waste. If you haven’t done your homework, it’s quite possible that you’re losing unnecessary cash each time your waste is picked up. As more and more practices search for ways to reduce operating expenses, you may be spending way more on waste management than your budget should allow.

The question remains: how do you know if you’re overpaying?

By uncovering the four hidden costs of disposing medical waste, you can streamline your disposal management process, keep your practice’s budget in check, and stay in line with government regulations…

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