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Maintaining an ecofriendly supply chain puts the ‘eco’ in economics.

Source: Sean Moores, Greenhealth Magazine

In supply chain management, it often all comes down to the financial bottom line. So how does a health system balance environmental responsibility with the challenges of ensuring ready and affordable access to the materials and equipment necessary for its day-to-day operations?

Health systems trying to minimize their impact on the environment while lowering costs and retaining a competitive advantage are finding it is possible to create a sustainable supply chain and still be responsive to financial obligations…

Companies can’t give up their competitive advantage to become sustainable or they won’t be in business for long. There must be tangible benefits from green supply chain initiatives in addition to environmental conservation.

The good news is that there is often a direct financial benefit to creating a sustainable supply chain beyond the positive public perception that comes with being ecofriendly. Sustainability can help direct purchasing decisions in a way that will provide benefits for both the business and the environment…


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