ReMaTec News taps into the world of “single-use” device (SUD) reprocessing and in doing so brings news from the FDA-regulated industry of third-party medical device reprocessing to its global readership. The Magazine, which focuses on remanufacturing, begins with a Q&A with Dan Vukelich, AMDR’s President, then continues coverage of the Reprocessing industry in a second article, noting that AMDR members perform the majority of the commercial reprocessing in the US and serve over 1,000 European hospitals – including 95% of German university medical centres. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated the industry since 2000, and the sector has quantified its value: today many of the US hospitals with whom AMDR members work save more than $1 million annually through programmes that depend upon reprocessed medical devices.  Remanufacturing is the focus of ReMaTec 2017 in Amsterdam this June, where AMDR will be part of a panel that offers a cross-sectoral approach to reman, looking at issues such as regulatory obstacles, intellectual property, reverse logistics and core management from a variety of points of view. Read more of ReMaTec’s profile of AMDR, reprocessing and remanufacturing here.