Oregon’s The Bulletin reported on the opening of a new medical device reprocessing factory in its state. Medline Industries recently opened a new $12 million office and manufacturing facility in Redmond’s Desert Rise industrial park. According to the article, the factory “employs about 165 people, most of whom are involved in washing, sharpening and testing more than 1,000 different items, from compression sleeves to electronic surgical tools.” Medline ReNewal, an AMDR member, is the medical device reprocessing division of Medline Industries.

Medical device reprocessing is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which must approve single-use devices for re-use. Medline and other companies that gather the devices from hospitals and surgery centers become the manufacturers of record, according to Medline ReNewal’s vice president of operations, Steve Bettis. Medline ReNewal is part of the $500 million a year medical device reprocessing industry that includes fellow AMDR members Hygia Health Services, Innovative Health, Stryker Sustainability Solutions, and Vanguard AG of Germany. Read More.