At the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR), our members are providing a solution to healthcare that simultaneously reduces the environmental impact from discarding used medical devices, enables hospitals to enhance their financial sustainability, and allows hospitals and healthcare providers to positively contribute to environmental sustainability.

Single-use medical device reprocessing is one of the most effective healthcare sustainability strategies available to hospitals and healthcare providers, and in the United States alone it is responsible for diverting millions of tons of waste that would otherwise be in landfills.

In honor of Earth Day, we will be highlighting one of our AMDR member companies each day next week to shine a light on the good work they are doing with their hospital and healthcare partners that choose to prioritize single-use device reprocessing. When hospitals reprocess, it reduces costs, diverts waste and enables hospitals to put those savings back into the healthcare system and improve patient care.

It’s a win-win – for the planet, for hospitals and for patients.