AMDR recently issued a rebuttal letter to the Joint Commission International (JCI) regarding the JCI White Paper Reuse of Single-Use Devices: Understanding Risks and Strategies for Decision-Making for Health Care Organizations. AMDR believes that the paper inaccurately confuses the concepts of unregulated hospital reuse of single-use devices or hospital cleaning of reusable devices with regulated, professional reprocessing of single-use devices. The subject of single-use device (SUD) reprocessing can be complex and while we share JCI’s goal to provide helpful resources to international hospitals on the subject, we have asked that the paper be rescinded.  AMDR sent the letter to JCI outlining our concerns and we urge those who have sought guidance from JCI on the SUD reprocessing issue to also review our response.

AMDR is the global trade association consisting of members of the regulated, commercial single-use device reprocessing and remanufacturing industry.  AMDR represents, promotes and protects commercial reprocessing as an important healthcare strategy that helps hospitals and healthcare providers increase quality, reduce costs and improve patient care.