Medical Design & Outsourcing published the article, “How Reprocessing Enables Medical Device Innovation” that examines the critical role reprocessing plays in medical device innovation. The article, by Lars Thording of Innovative Health (an AMDR member company), states that medical device reprocessors play a key role in innovation by accelerating commoditization and new product adoption.

In a section of the article titled “The student teaching the teacher”, the author focuses on the ways in which reprocessors can help inform and even improve upon future development of medical devices. Manufacturers aiming for new technologies can learn from reprocessing companies, as reprocessors have “the technological and regulatory wherewithal to achieve FDA clearances … with sophisticated R&D departments”.  Reprocessors can offer insight to the device manufacturers on the performance of devices post-usage, which manufacturers could glean from in order to further innovation of new devices, “whether designed for reuse or single use”. Read More.