This article posted on LinkedIn November 18, 2019.

Thanks Sarah GantzPhiladelphia Inquirer for reporting that 13% of Americans “know a friend or family member who died in the past five years because he or she could not afford their medical treatment….” This is a stunning statistic and call to action to reduce healthcare costs. Lives are on the line.

I’m proud of the work AMDR members have being doing for 20 years to make healthcare more affordable. Last year AMDR members saved US hospitals $471 million. By reprocessing medical devices instead of throwing them away, hospitals reduce medical device costs, lower procedure costs, reduce waste and waste disposal costs, and reinvest those savings into patient care.

Reprocessors are leading the charge within the medtech industry, providing value to our healthcare provider partners. AMDR member companies are working diligently to bring new products to market, to help hospitals and surgery centers maximize the lifespan of devices, and to reduce medical waste and waste disposal costs.

We urge our healthcare partners to remain vigilant in managing their reprocessing programs. Reprocessors are eager to meet with you to evaluate existing programs to add new products, ensure proper device collection to maximize device life, engage clinicians to encourage use of reprocessed products first, among other strategies to help our partners drive down the cost of healthcare. And for healthcare institutions not reprocessing, we urge you to reach out to AMDR or our member companies to start a conversation.

Reprocessors are here to help healthcare providers do more, with less.