Experts discuss the need for the health care sector to be included in the EU’s move toward a circular economy

The health care industry creates more than double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than the entire aviation industry. Yet few are holding the sector accountable.

A recent webinar, “Towards a More Circular, Sustainable and Economic Health Care System in Europe,” offered an expert panel of key stakeholders, including representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Committee of Regions, environmentalists, researchers, and industry to assess the health care waste problem, EU efforts to promote a circular economy, and offer a path forward for solutions.

The discussion is timely, as the EU’s Medical Device Regulation can have a profound impact on the way that hospitals across Europe can lower their carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing costs.

The following article includes edited versions of comments made by the authors at the 11 March 2020 webinar. The edits were made with permission of the authors to make the comments more suitable for printed format. . .

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