Business is so good for a Redmond manufacturer that repurposes medical devices that it is doubling its size while it keeps thousands of pounds of waste from going to the landfill and saving money for health care companies.

Despite the pandemic and the cancellation of elective surgeries over the past year as a way for hospitals to keep their beds available for COVID-19 patients, business has been strong for the privately held company, Medline ReNewal. Construction is underway now to double its manufacturing footprint.

Last year, the company recycled about 5.2 million devices from a list of more than 4,300 different items, cleans them, sorts them and sterilizes them to be repackaged for reuse. It’s a labor-intensive business that is on the upswing, said Frank Czajka, president of Medline ReNewal division. The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors said that it’s a $500 million industry with the potential to grow. In 2018, more than 8,000 hospitals and surgical centers in the United States, Canada and Europe partnered with commercial reprocessors. . .

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