By 2050, it is projected that more than 5.6 million people in the U.S. will be affected by atrial fibrillation, but less than half of the hospitals in the U.S. today offer electrophysiology (EP) services. Once considered a mainstay in the cardiac EP lab of a hospital, the employee landscape is now evolving as the pandemic caused many leading cardiac EP clinicians to become traveling clinicians.

To make continuing education (CE) more convenient, Medline ReNewal has developed a course series to help cardiac EP clinicians learn more about the fundamentals of cardiac EP lab procedures. Available through Medline, the courses are led and created by Angela Massen, senior clinical EP sales specialist at Medline ReNewal and a registered cardiovascular electrophysiology specialist (RCES) with 14 years of experience in the EP Lab.

“Cardiac EP clinicians are vital to healthcare and as the industry continues to shift due to dynamic forces like COVID-19 and staffing shortages, access to educational resources are needed to meet the continuing education needs of clinicians,” says Angela Massen, RCES, senior clinical EP sales specialist at Medline. ”Medline ReNewal has deep experience working in the cardiac EP lab and our course offering reflects our in-depth knowledge of the needs of cardiac EP clinicians.”…

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