With the recent addition of solar panels at Medline’s distribution center in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, the company now has eight facilities in the U.S. and around the world with solar capabilities spanning nearly 3 million square feet of rooftop. To date, solar-generated energy at Medline facilities has resulted in an estimated carbon emission reduction of 27,941 metric tons—equivalent to removing 6,077 passenger vehicles from the road for one year, or burning more than 3 million gallons of gasoline.

Solar panel installations also are underway at Medline facilities in Montgomery, New York and Perryville, Maryland, and construction soon will begin on a new system in Grayslake, Illinois. From 2020 through the first quarter of 2022, Medline increased its solar investment from $12.6 million to $34.2 million. By year-end 2022, the amount of renewable energy produced by Medline solar installations is expected to nearly triple from 10 million kilowatts (kWh) in 2021 to 28 million kWh.

Ten years ago, Medline launched a sustainability program to conserve energy and water and limit landfill waste. Today, the company’s sustainability efforts encompass nearly every aspect of Medline’s operations at almost all facilities. Medline also recycles and reprocesses medical equipment and supplies, creates innovative sustainable packing solutions and delivery standards, utilizes electric transport vehicles, adheres to the highest fuel efficiency standards and offers a “Green Product Portfolio” of eco-friendly medical supplies. . .

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