Premier announced its new role in the Biden Administration’s Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector Joint Supply Chain Resilience Working Group. This team will offer near-real-time information-sharing and collaboration to tackle current and emerging risks and build toward a more agile, transparent and robust U.S. public health supply chain.

The working group was convened to assist in the implementation of the National Strategy for a Resilient Public Health Supply Chain, and Premier’s Soumi Saha, Vice President of Advocacy, has been named to the executive committee.

“The pandemic illuminated our supply chain gaps, but it’s also unveiled a roadmap for resilience,” said Michael J. Alkire, President and CEO, Premier. “For more than two decades, Premier has led in developing innovative solutions to protect our nation’s healthcare providers and patients from shortages, drive supply chain innovation and increase the domestic and diverse manufacturing of critical products. We thank the Administration for the opportunity to join this critical working group to help eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure a stronger U.S. healthcare supply chain for the future.”  . . .

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