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Daniel J. Vukelich, Esq., CAE
Daniel J. Vukelich, Esq., CAEPresident
Daniel J. Vukelich, Esq. is President & CEO of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR). AMDR represents the interests of member companies that reprocess or remanufacture “single-use” medical devices in accordance with federal regulatory authorities, for use at hospitals, acute surgical care centers, and physician’s offices in a growing list of countries worldwide.

Mission Statement

AMDR’s mission is to protect the trade interests of the global commercial reprocessing industry and promote reprocessing as a healthcare strategy that increases quality, reduces costs and improves patient care.

Code of Conduct

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  • Use “single-use medical device reprocessing industry” or “single-use medical device reprocessors” on first use; thereafter, “reprocessing” or “reprocessors” is acceptable.

  • When speaking of AMDR industry data, our credo, code of ethics or other member related products, use “AMDR member single-use medical device reprocessors” on first use; “AMDR member reprocessors” thereafter.

  • Note that “reprocessors” is used in North America for both hospital and professional operations; “professional remanufacturers” is the developed nomenclature for regulated commercial firms. Reprocess refers to hospital reuse.

  • Thus, for EU only materials, use “single-use medical device professional remanufacturers” or “professional remanufacturers.”

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