About AMDR

Helping to Sustain Hospitals’ Financial and Environmental Bottom Line

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture. Ever rising costs and a slumping economy combined with cutbacks in government and insurance reimbursement have put pressure on hospitals and patients alike. As hospitals look for ways to save dollars and and keep their patients safe, to be environmentally friendly and provide their physicians and staff with appropriate resources, they have increasingly turned to commercial medical device reprocessors.

AMDR’s mission is to promote and protect the legal, regulatory and other trade interests of the commercial reprocessing industry.  As part of that mission AMDR supports:

  • The proper reprocessing of medical devices labeled by the original equipment manufacturer for “single-use;”
  • Reprocessed devices that are as safe and as effective as original devices;
  • Reprocessing as a means of cutting healthcare costs while maintaining patient safety and quality of care; and
  • Commercial reprocessing as an environmentally responsible practice.