Who We Are

The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR) is the global trade association for the regulated, commercial “single-use” medical device (SUD) reprocessing industry (known as “remanufacturing” in Europe).

Founded in 1999, AMDR promotes reprocessing as an important healthcare strategy that helps hospitals and healthcare providers increase quality, reduce cost, cut waste, lower emissions, and strengthen the supply chain. AMDR protects the interests of its members in regulation, legislation, and standard-setting.

AMDR is leading the way for reprocessing to play a defining role in the evolution and use of new device technologies that cost less, perform more safely, and produce less waste and emissions.

Our Responsibility

Our paramount responsibility is to help healthcare institutions, including hospitals and clinicians, provide the best possible care for patients by ensuring that reprocessed SUDs are as safe or safer than original equipment, while lowering costs. To meet this responsibility, we work to better align the medical device industry with the best interests of patients, hospitals, and healthcare providers by making SUD reprocessing and remanufacturing a better understood and transparent supply chain strategy for all hospitals.

We advocate for the same or similar levels of regulatory oversight for reprocessed devices as is applied to any other medical device manufacturer so that patients and our healthcare provider partners are assured that reprocessed devices are safe and effective.

The Role of Reprocessing

SUD reprocessing plays a crucial role in helping hospitals and patients realize benefits including reduced costs, waste, and emissions; strengthening the supply chain; and improving patient care. Use of regulated reprocessed SUDs ensures the highest possible quality, and lowers overall cost per device use, enabling hospitals to access new technologies and serve a growing patient population. SUD reprocessing is one of the most effective healthcare sustainability strategies available to hospitals and healthcare providers. Our members help to simultaneously reduce the environmental impact from discarding used medical devices and enable hospitals to enhance their financial sustainability.

What the Future Holds

A growing body of research indicates that the use of reprocessed devices reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Healthcare providers are turning to reprocessed devices as a way to live up to the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.”

The use of reprocessed medical devices should be maximized in all hospitals and healthcare facilities, and we are committed to growing reprocessing in terms of volume as well as scope so that healthcare can continue to increase the responsible and safe reuse of medical devices. We believe that the future of healthcare requires the medical device industry to enter a new paradigm where the focus is on providing value to healthcare rather than pursuing one-sided profit goals. This means that reprocessing should be an integrated element in medical device technology development and marketing.

You can find more about AMDR’s Code of Conduct here.


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