We Can Make Our Healthcare Systems Stronger

COVID exposed many difficult truths about our healthcare supply chains. Medical staff, policy-makers and the public at large will not likely forget the images at the beginning of the pandemic: Hospitals running out of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other necessary equipment, as supply simply could not keep pace with such a dramatic increase in demand. Overall, the disruptions brought about by the pandemic and ensuing economic crises have demonstrated the dangers of our over-reliance on products shipped from overseas.

For over 10,500 hospitals, reprocessing is part of the solution to this problem. By working with domestic and regional reprocessing companies, hospitals and other acute care facilities can access stocks of reliable, reprocessable medical devices and supplies. Each device reprocessed in a nearby facility is one less that healthcare professionals will need to rely on the larger supply chain for, thus building a circular economy and strengthening the resilience of the healthcare system.

Through reprocessing, we can keep our supply chains as local as possible. And by keeping our medical devices nearer by, we keep more of them available.
devices reprocessed and sold back to hospitals for reuse in 2021
hospitals worldwide used reprocessed devices in 2021
of US N&WR “Top Hospitals” used AMDR-member reprocessed devices in 2021


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