The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors helped get PPE to hospitals as the pandemic intensified. Its next step is making the healthcare industry more sustainable.
A lot has been said about how strange the passage of time has felt in 2020. Days dragged; weeks flew by. For Dan J. Vukelich, CAE, the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic were “like doing a year’s worth of work in three months.”
Vukelich is president and CEO of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors, a small trade association—seven members, four staffers—and one of those organizations that doesn’t get much attention in a typical year. In 2020, though, AMDR has been a prime example of the kind of work associations do well.
AMDR represents companies that focus on medical-equipment reuse, a prominent topic during COVID-19, as shortages of personal protective equipment made headlines in the United States. Reprocessing PPE is an environmentally friendly and cost-saving (and potentially life-saving) effort. According to one AMDR study, member companies reduced solid waste in hospitals by 7,100 tons and saved healthcare institutions more than $470 million…

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