Greener Innovation in Medical Device Technology

As leading companies in the medical device reprocessing industry, AMDR members are constantly pioneering cutting-edge techniques for the safe sterilization, repackaging and reuse of medical devices.  Here are some of their projects:

Vanguard – Cooled Ablation Catheters and Catheters with 3D Mapping Functions

AMDR member Vanguard demonstrates its process for reprocessing cooled ablation catheters and catheters with a 3D mapping function – a specialty they have developed over more than 20 years of experience in commercial reprocessing (known as remanufacturing in Europe). With their groundbreaking reprocessing methods, Vanguard extends the life cycle of every catheter, empowering hospitals and clinics to operate more sustainably by reducing GHG emissions and scarce resource use.

Stryker Sustainability – Life of a Reprocessed Catheter

AMDR member Stryker Sustainability provides an intimate glimpse into reprocessing as they showcase the life of a reprocessed catheter from its first clinical use to its third clinical use. Stryker demonstrates the stark difference between the continued use of a reprocessed device and the disposal of a single-use device in a landfill.

Medline – “Make a Difference” Campaign

AMDR member Medline created a competition-based campaign to increase awareness about the benefits of reprocessing. In the “Make a Difference” campaign, participants compete against other departments within their own hospitals, or against other hospitals in an integrated network, to improve their facilities’ sustainability efforts. Among other advantages the program offers, Medline provides support in creating goal setting and interdepartmental competitions for increased staff engagement in reprocessing.

Click here to learn more about or participate in Medline’s “Make a Difference” Campaign.

Arjo – ReNu™ High-Level Disinfection

AMDR member Arjo developed a green method of reprocessing non-invasive medical devices called high-level disinfection (HLD). HLD is a non-toxic method of pasteurization that uses high-temperature water to disinfect medical devices of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. By allowing hospitals to reprocess devices such as lateral transfer matts (such as Hovermatts®) and many other noncritical, noninvasive devices, Arjo’s ReNu HLD method helps the healthcare industry maximize sustainability, savings and waste reduction.



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