“Towards a More Circular, Sustainable and Economic Healthcare System in Europe” Webinar Highlights the Substantial Environmental Benefits of Medical Remanufacturing, a key Mechanism for Extending the Circular Economy to the Healthcare Sector
(Brussels / 17 March 2021) With hospitals known to contribute more than double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than the entire aviation industry, healthcare stakeholders called for a rapid integration of the healthcare sector into the EU Circular Economy Action Plan.
Remanufacturing, a key component of this plan, will be available to EU member countries under the Provisions of Article 17 of the new Medical Device Regulation from May 26, 2021, only if EU member countries’ Ministries of Health “opt in” to the relevant provisions of the Regulation.
The “Towards a More Circular Sustainable and Economic Healthcare System in Europe” webinar was attended by nearly 100 hospital administrators, EU regulatory officials, and thought leaders from environmental organizations and industry. The event was held 11 March and is available for free.
“EU Ministries of Health have the ability to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions from hospitals by opting-in to the medical remanufacturing provisions of the new MDR,” said Dan Vukelich, President and CEO, Association of Medical Device Reprocessors. “The high level of interest in this event is evidence of the urgency of extending the circular economy to the health sector by remanufacturing rather than wasting hospital assets and causing unnecessary environmental damage.”
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